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Customer Comments

Dear Suzanne,
Thanks to your coaching ....I've got the job !
What an amazing opportunity!
Dr. Regina C. Will, American Hospital Dubai since June 2011
Link to American Hospital Dubai

"Tailor-made, flexible and individual are key factors for modern language training. All these can be found in the one-to-one English support provided by Suzanne Vetter-M’Caw"
June 2010,
Gregor Roth, Director, DZ-Bank

"The lessons come alive through a perfect blend of textbook and current themes. The student is consistently motivated to learn, in an enjoyable way – a top recommendation for learning the English language."
October 2008
Michael Steiner, DMSB e.V., Generalsekretär - Leiter Motorradsport

"With humour and charm Suzanne knows how to make complex themes interesting and informative. Due to the small group, participants are encouraged to participate without being put under pressure because each person is individually included in the conversation. Each lesson helped me to feel more confident in business life. Not only was I was able to overcome my language barrier, I now have the possibility to use what I have learnt in my job in an international environment.
Additionally, the thematic workshops are also not only very enjoyable but also improve language confidence."
October 2008
Christine Goehre, Sales and Organisation, EuroSpeedway Verwaltungs GmbH

"In the English course there is a relaxed and open atmosphere that makes learning easy. Various methods, such as role plays, are adapted to each person’s individual needs."
October 2008
Uwe Jencio, IT Spezialist

"Since learning English with Suzanne I have been able to participate in international projects. Communication in English-speaking marketing projects is the foundation for my positive career development and that is making my work more and more successful."
October 2008
Christopher Zilliken, Online Marketing Manager,  Inmac GmbH

Company Training given at:
Current and previous clients

Frankfurt :
European Central Bank
Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Lufthansa Aviation Center

Idstein Area
BIOGRUND GmbH, Hünstetten
Tengelmann Auditing Services & Consulting GmbH, Idstein

Limburg Area:
Beck+Heun GmbH, Mengerskirchen
DiaSys Diagnostic Systems GmbH, Holzheim
Dr. Fischer GmbH, Diez
Dr. Schnabel GmbH, Limburg
Entwicklungsgesellschaft für Verbundmaterial Diez mbH, Diez
Limtronik GmbH, Limburg
Tetra Pak Produktions GmbH & Co. KG, Limburg

Lindab-Astron GmbH